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Diving Deep with Kristen Soseman: Energy, Healing, Intuition, Meditation, and More

November 15, 2023 Lisa Huff Season 1 Episode 3
Stylist Soul Tribe Conversations
Diving Deep with Kristen Soseman: Energy, Healing, Intuition, Meditation, and More
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 Welcome to another episode of Stylist Soul Tribe Conversations! 

In today's episode, we're thrilled to have Kristen Soseman, who specializes in energy work, healing, intuition, meditation, and grounding.

🔮 What to Expect in This Episode:

The role of energy in shaping our lives and interactions.
A holistic approach to healing, going beyond just physical symptoms.
How to tap into your intuition for personal and professional guidance.
Grounding techniques to improve mental clarity and emotional stability.
The power of meditation to maintain equilibrium in your hectic life.

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Connect with Lisa Huff

Welcome to Stylist Soul Tribe Conversations. I'm your host, Lisa Huff. Over the last five years, I've coached hundreds of hairstylists and beauty industry professionals, helping them work their dream schedules exclusively with their dream clientele, and earn their dream income. income, all while fostering genuine connections and lifelong friendships inside the beauty industry. And this podcast, we dive deep into abundance, manifestation, business building strategies, and creating a life that you are truly proud of both behind the chair and at home. Are you ready to embark on a journey of personal growth, success, and sisterhood then hit that subscribe button now and get ready to experience the pure magic of Silas Old Tribe conversations. Hi friends, welcome back to Stylist Soul Tribe Conversations. I am so excited to be sharing one of my dear friends with you all, Kristen Sosman. Kristen began her career in the beauty industry where she spent over 20 years as a salon owner, stylist, educator, and mentor, but after many years in the industry and after diving deep into her own healing journey, She discovered a deeper purpose that allowed her to make a lasting impact far beyond the physical. She began to share her gifts with others and watch their lives change as well. It became clear to her that part of her purpose was to make this work her sole career focus. Now, through her energy coaching and experiences, she helps others implement tools and techniques to fine tune their energy and elevate their lives. And isn't that just. Like the best description of who you are and who you've been to me and who you've been to so many people. So thank you for being here, friend. Thank you for having me. I'm so excited to have this chat with you. Yeah, it feels really good. So little backstory, I'm trying to think of like who, what audience is going to be listening to this. I'm sure a lot of people already know who you are, but maybe not everyone. So mine and Kristen's friendship and journey has kind of Started, how many years back would you say? Maybe 20? I feel like I've been living in a time warp for the past 10 years. So it's like, I mean, I've known about you for as long as I've been in Thrivers, which, you know, I'm not anymore currently, but like, I've known about you that long, and so however long that has been, and since you have been in that space, that's like when I first heard of this cool chick, Lisa Hough. Yeah, and then we got connected through Thrivers Elite, which I want to say was back in like, I don't know, maybe 2020 and we've gotten really close since then, and then in 2021, Kristen came to my Style of Soul Tribe retreat or 2022, and then she came back again this last year, and we've had multiple, you know, little meetups and So many incredible experiences. I feel like every time we get together, it's just magic. It really is. Like you are my favorite person and it's so great to connect with you. So I am thinking back when I think about this episode specifically and I think I'm sure it'll be one of many because Kristen and I can talk. We can talk endlessly about all of these topics, but I think back to that night over this last retreat where we were up on the roof me, you, and Leisha just Fuckin jammin like, just talking about anything and everything under the sun, and we were up till 2am, and I was so tired the next day, but, like, we sure can talk, and you are just somebody that I just love the way your mind works, obviously I love your energy, you've helped me so much, you've helped me grow so much, and there's just certain people that you vibe with, so. I'm really excited. I want to dive in today, I think, with the way we should start off in that little bio you shared, you talked about, like, your own healing, and I think the word healing gets thrown around a lot in the energy space, and I think a lot of people are unsure, myself included, truthfully, what the fuck even is healing? Like, what does that even mean when you refer to that? you don't know what it means, and it is very on trend right now to be going through a healing journey or shadow work or crystals big buzz and manifestation and abundance there's all these like buzzwords around like the woo woo, if you will, you know concept and healing for me was really Understanding you know, I was, I was at a space in my life where I just got really uncomfortable and I, and everything on paper was good. Everything that I had worked so hard for, I did not, you know, fly by the seat of my pants. I was very blessed in the industry. Yeah. Education. wise and business wise, I was thriving. And I got to this space in my career where I was at this place where I was like striving to get to for so long. And then I was like, something felt off. And I started kind of diving into like who I was. And what I realized was I had gotten lost who I was, was lost all of the roles I was playing in my life, not just in my business, but my being a wife and a mom and like all the things I got lost in that. And So healing for me was really getting down to who I was again, and just not, not even like complete. I mean, I would say I'm a very different person than I was back then, but I didn't look at it as I needed to do that. I looked at it as. Okay, this is who I think I am. And, and does this stuff really resonate with me anymore? Is this still my truth? Does this still feel aligned, this version of me that I think I am, this hat that I'm wearing? And so healing for me was stripping away the things that didn't. Align. Yeah. And really stepping into who I was. And along the way, I uncovered some deep stuff that came from childhood and past wounds and things like that. So healing can look different for everybody. And the, the, the hard part about describing healing, and I've talked to you about this before. No two journeys are alike. They all have so many parallels. I feel so parallel, you know, as far as alignment goes and so much with so many of my coaching clients that are drawn to me and the people that I work with and even friends. But our journeys are all very different. And so it's not you are at point a and you want to be at point B. This is how you get healed. This is exactly the path. It's like, no, that sauce looks different. That path looks different for everybody because everyone has. Experience of life. So is it fair to say that like you had a goal for so long to hit these like tangibles and along the way it like felt good reaching for something reaching for something and then when you finally get to that point, you're like, why do I still feel unfulfilled or unhappy or irritable or like what are some other words you would say are like a sign that someone probably could use a little bit of healing. So this is actually interesting because at that space I was at, like I said, I had had really good tools and I felt I had grown so much from, you know, when I began in the hair industry to like, you know, this career point where I was educating and had my salon and it was great. I had worked on my mindset and my body and my end, like a little bit on my energy, but more mind and body. I had really like nailed those things. And then. The thing that kind of came up, it actually was like, it wasn't something I could actually put my finger on, Lise. It was like this knowing that something else was, I hate to say missing. Discovered. Undiscovered. And it was the energetics. And that's where like, as a whole are, we, we typically can work through, you know, really balancing our mind and then balancing the body because they're very, you know, clear paths of like what to do. And then when it comes to energy, I was like, damn, there's something, there's a missing piece of this. It's like a triangle. And and so I felt off and. Sometimes, this is the hardest part about this, it doesn't make sense, most of the time, when you feel called to a higher purpose energetically or a shift energetically or in your soul and your spirit of who you are deep down, you can't make sense of it. It's just something you're like, damn, why do I know this? And I know you guys can resonate with this because there's feelings where you have, where you just know, yes, this is for me, no, this isn't. No, don't walk down that dark alley at night like there's a knowing that you have and we have to learn to trust that and I just allowed myself to trust it and open up to it knowing that I had always been told I had a strong intuition and I also trusted that along my path already I had been provided the mentors and tools that I needed to get where I was so I knew if I just like followed one little breadcrumb one after the other and didn't get overwhelmed with like The long term goal. Yeah. I think that can swallow you up too. I just followed one little breadcrumb at a time and I picked it up and I was like, okay, does this resonate? If it does, I want to go deeper or I'll just leave it here on the path and move on, you know? So it was really a cool unfolding and I allowed myself to enjoy that process too. So. Yeah, since you've really been in my life, I've become more and more just aware of energy and it's so freaking weird and like meta to try to talk it out and have this whole podcast episode about energy because like when people even say like, what is energy? It's like, it's everything that you can't already put a name to. Like, if you know what something, like, it's so weird. It's like, it's everything. It's all encompassing. It's feeling, it's aura, it's, it's energy. It is everything. And like, the deeper you go into the rabbit hole, the more you see how much that plays a role in literally everything. And the more you explore it, the more you get in touch with your intuition and things like that. So you're someone who's extremely intuitive. I also feel like I'm extremely intuitive, definitely in different ways, but Lately, I mean, for the last few years, you've really dove into, like, bringing people along on, like, what all of this means, and I've learned through your, you know, programs, intuition, ego, inner critic, inner child, all those things. Let's, like, kind of break some of those down. So let's, like, move into intuition a little bit. Like, if someone's over here, like, I don't, I don't know what that even means. I don't know if that's something I'm in touch with. I don't know if that's something I need. Like, what does, what does that mean to you? Yeah. So it kind of goes hand in hand, obviously, with energy, and I think when you were talking about energy right now, Lisa, I saw, you know, you said like energy is like all things that you kind of can't put your finger on, right? Yeah. Well, and so many are resistant because you can't see it and you can't touch it and you can't like put a word to it. Mm hmm. And energy is, Fucking everything, because if you think about it, when we eat food, what happens? Our energy increases. It's turned into energy, yeah. And we can't see that. Yeah. We can't measure it. But we're only alive because of it. And we know that, but we still resist these others. So I just, that was like one of those little, I was like, okay, that needs to be shared. Yeah. Yeah. So intuition can be called so many different things. It's your higher self. It's your intuition. It's your, you know, some people call it their God voice, whatever, whatever feels right to you. The intuition to me is the, the purest and truest part of yourself. And, you know, there's so many questions that surface around intuition. And a lot of those are, how do I even know what it is? Do I, do I even have one? Well, first of all, everybody does. Yes, everybody has one. And it's also fair to say that a lot of people's intuition gets silenced through their life, right? I, I actually, I was just at a Mastermind event with Stu last week. I know you've seen that over these last few days. And I there's a woman in there who I really connected with. Her name's Lisa Kay. And she is, has a membership around intuition. And her and I really kicked it off at lunch. And we were just kind of, you know, brainstorming and talking back. and forth. And she was talking about how, yes, everybody has their intuition and like how it feels in your body. Like if you, you know, if you have this like little feeling that like, she used Stu as an example, like he was supposed to, she was working with him years ago. He was supposed to let this like business partnership go. And she's like, how does it feel if you think about like not letting that go? Like, where in your body do you feel it? He's like, well, like right here, you know, and like, how does it feel? It feels like heavy and tight and uncomfortable. And then she's like, okay. And then how does it feel the idea of like letting it go? Where, where do you feel that feeling? It's like, I mean, I guess I feel it like right here. What does it feel like? It feels expansive. It feels, you know, and it was so cool picking her brain. And as someone who also just. I do have that really clear communication with my intuition. I always have. I don't know a way to explain that. I think watching these women in Soul Tribe that have been in my life and watching their healing journey unfold with you along right by my side a lot of the times, a lot of people lose touch of that intuition because either they were told as kids, like, no, don't, you think that's the right thing to do? It's not. You're wrong. Or like, you know, things have happened where that, where that gets in the way. And I, I, It's so hard to get people back to that. It is. Yeah, it is. And then it's not. And like I said, at least like that's it's so it's so true and intuition gets buried. Yeah, it's silenced. It gets filtered massively through the lens of our experiences. Like it's, it's literally like putting a filter over things. And so that's why when people say, I don't know that I can trust my intuition, I'm like, that's not your intuition, something from your past that's telling you, you can't trust or that's your inner critic, your ego, your inner child, like those, your intuition. You know, you can trust who it just, it gets lost. And a lot of times this was a conversation I had last night in another group. We were talking about intuition coincidentally. And so many of us put our trust in other people that guide us. And it's not saying that there's not times and spaces where you should open for that. Mentors changed my life. Like I have had mentors still do through my entire. upbringing and they have served a purpose, but they are not the end all be all. You have to be able to, I've had mentors who have given me very, very clear, like do not do this advice. And I have known within every fiber of my being, Oh hell yes, I'm still doing this. And I had to choose my intuition over. Authority. And I don't think before I knew my intuition, I would have done that. I would have doubted and just taken the word. And it's like, that's not how we should leave our lead our lives. I mean, that even just makes me even just think about going back to being a kid and even your parent telling you to do something that you know is right for you. And then being a teenager, then being a young adult and like that content. Some people don't ever trust their intuition and that's probably the people left really unfulfilled. It's almost like the longer you go without getting in touch with that. So what's your perspective on? When, when did I, this is a weird question. When does that develop? Because you and I know, I think Benny is super duper intuitive. Like we hit you, there's people, there's kids. I've known it since I was a little kid. Yeah. Yeah. So, but I guess for somebody who hasn't always known that, like, How do you explain that to somebody? You know, and I have people like I, I'm very visual, so like my intuition shows up visually for me and, and now it's to the point where I don't even need to go into a meditation to tap into my intuition. I just, it's, it's an understanding, I, I speak her language now. I understand her language and how she speaks to me. But that's, I think the important thing is learning how your intuition speaks to you. It doesn't have to be something that has a face or a name or whatever. you can get as deep into that as you want or not. It's not necessary. I have friends who can't visualize for, for Jack and they still have this innate knowing. And it's so strong and they have had to really, you know, when you're looking at your intuition and trying to learn to get to know it and to trust it, I think the first step is observation. The first step in anything is awareness and observation. And so when these thoughts come up, asking yourself, is this is that I'm feeling around this tied to a past experience? Is it tied to is it tied to a past experience? Is it tied to a, a previous something that is, that is influencing and filtering this, or is it something in my mind that is like an old loop or programming? And so almost separating the emotion and the thought gives you like this neutral space in between. And that's the space where you find your knowing. Yeah. Because. Intuitive knowings are actually very neutral. I get drop ins all the time, and sometimes they light people up in excitement, but that's because that person's excited. It doesn't have a charge for me either way. It's just, it's just information. I'm trying to think if mine has a charge either way or not. Or it makes you wonder if sometimes that charge is a little bit of ego. Well, yeah, that's what I'm saying. It's usually something else and, and even and sometimes it's a feeling. Sometimes I'm a, I'm a, like a vibe person. So if somebody else, if I share it, cause I'm like, Hey, this just dropped in and I don't know what the hell it means, but I'm just going to say this sentence cause it just dropped in and I'll say it and someone will go, Oh my gosh. And then they'll share something that'll invoke a feeling in me because I'm like, damn, it's like. Whoa, that's, that's why I trust my intuition. It's almost like you and your intuition like winking at each other. It's a high five. Yeah, yeah, for sure. And, and, you know, a lot of people seek, I, I used to seek validation and I think so many people do, but that's like confirmation. It's confirmation that your intuition is right. So leaning into that, like I said, stripping away the feelings, stripping away the thoughts around it, the old programming and leaving yourself with that space in the middle, just Sitting with that and seeing where it lands and then just allowing yourself to to go from there I think is so so powerful and then moving forward in you know when and if you do get a confirmation like honoring that and saying like, oh Yeah. Oh, yeah like I've talked to a lot of girls in soul tribe who have said I've like thought about something happening and then it happens and it freaks me out and I'm like, why does it freak you out? And they're like, because that's like crazy. And I'm like, it's yeah, or is it a gift? And, and is it like when those things come up, it, that can be a heavy, it can be a heavy thing to deal with because sometimes the knowing is not something you want to know, but with, with the knowings that drop in, I, I will sit with myself and I'm like, what is this It's supposed to teach me. It might not be something I'm even supposed to share in that moment. Intuitive knowings are meant for self, to discover self and go a little deeper. So damn, that was a good little rabbit hole. It was a really good little rabbit hole. Bollie started coughing in her cage, so that's why I'm muted real quick because I did not want to mess up that good little rabbit hole. Okay. I feel like it's really, I like want to jump around in 10, 000 different directions. I'm going to try not to do that. Everything you say, I like want to go in a different direction. So. We spoke on intuition a little bit, and again, I know kind of your trainings and you've taught me so much. We kind of group intuition, ego, inner child, and inner critic together, so I think it's only appropriate that we kind of scratch the surface and help people define those other things. So do you maybe want to kick off with ego and let us know, like, what that is and how to catch that when, when that's what you're feeling or hearing or knowing or any of that? Yeah, your your ego wants to be right. The ego always wants to be right. And one of my favorite questions is, would you rather be right, or would you rather expand as a human, and evolve and be open? Because I think I would rather expand and evolve, personally. The ego wants control. The ego has struggles sometimes with power. It can show up in a, a lack of ego even can show up in confidence and courage and things like that. So an over or active kind of ego can be an over, over. I really like learning that from you because I think a lot of people think ego is all bad, and it's also not. Like, ego is there for a reason, you know, and, and the, the, to have no ego whatsoever does sometimes turn into that lack of confidence a little bit. So that was a really interesting perspective. I remember learning that for the first time being like, oh, it's just removing yourself from the ego, being aware of it, not saying it's bad or good or anything like that, but we all have it and recognizing it. It's important to not let your ego lead. Yeah, your ego can't lead the show. When the ego leads the show, it's, it's just, it's, it's this need to, it can't even show up in a need to keep going and chasing and, and, and, you know, striving and striving, striving with no end in sight. Yeah, it's like, that's, Let's, let's soften a little bit. You know, it's like with everything, just like you said, with ego, it's like, it's not all bad. I'm like, is anything good or is anything good or bad? And I mean, by these conversations, we have to experience duality to, to understand. So in order to understand our intuition, we have to know where you go. We have to know we're in a critic. We have to know we're in a child. So yeah, ego. definitely fiercely wants to be right, definitely wants to control and definitely can be, like, a little overbearing, overactive, overly, I mean, fearful, scarcity, those things are, like, what I hear and feel when I think of ego. Okay, how about inner critic? I think this is another one that everybody is, yeah, but in some people much louder than others, and I think that probably has a lot to do with, you their upbringing and what voices have been in their head, but explain the inner critic. Yeah, inner critic is very, I mean, very, I feel like, self explanatory, however, like, I mean, that, I will say, without measuring analytics, if I'm measuring my intuitive analytics, I would say 85 percent of people's loudest voice in their head is their inner critic when they start working with me. And it's not always that way, you know, it's, and also just like I said before, You've got to understand it. You've got to know it. I actually, yeah, I encourage people in meditation experiences to thank their ego intuition and inner child for all the insight they brought in, because without that, you can't learn more and grow. And so the inner critic is a bitch. She is that bitch inside of you that tells you you cannot do things, that you are not good enough, that you are not pretty enough. She is the one who, oof, the thief of joy is comparison. She is the comparison queen. She will compare you, challenge you to compare yourself all day to other people and sometimes the ego and inner critic are really like very strong together because it's like this. It's, you know it's this battle and they, they both really want the stage and, you know, it's just really, it's really important to understand and, and it can come from so many, so many places. I think social media is a place that it can really, she hangs out there a lot. She sure does. And, you know, I, but there's also ways to alleviate that, you know I. I, and this is no shade, I will use a fun filter every once in a while, but I am the non filter queen. I am older than a lot of the people that I know and work with and I'm friends with. And I, I am like, I show up as me because when I was utilizing filters and I see this so much. You see yourself like that all the time and then you go look in the mirror and you don't look like that and you start to not, and it is not okay. And it's, it's like, we need to love the skin we're in. I'm not saying you shouldn't do things to make yourself feel better. I do all the things to make myself feel better, but it's like, it's not to, it's not to prove anything to my inner critic or anyone else. It's just because I like it. It's good to me, you know? So yeah, inner critic is a. She is not nice. She's not nice. Yeah, and those who have that will definitely know. I feel like I agree in Soul Tr like, in my community, inner critic comes up loud. Ego feels a little sneakier. Like, sometimes you don't hear it as, as loud and clear. How about inner child? I feel like that's, a different one. Yeah, and there's two sides to inner child, you know, so there's, there's the inner child that's got some wounds that they carry and it's interesting because some things show up in meditation, especially when you're doing deep experiences that you don't want to remember as a child and it doesn't even have to be anything crazy traumatic. It could be that time you. in the fourth grade classroom where your teacher asked you to read out loud and you stuttered for the whole time through it and sweated profusely and felt like an idiot and literally that will stay in your tiny little soul yet if it's not processed and healed and so though inner child wounds can come. You know, can come up and definitely affect how we operate in authority ways and things like that, too, and trust. And then there's also the other side of the inner child, the really fun side of the inner child. You want to keep around? Yeah. The kind that the one that said they wanted to be an astronaut when they were little and no one told them they couldn't and they didn't have any cap to their actually that's the inner child. I get full chills right now. I just got chills. She's the one, he, she, they, they're the ones that you want to be a little BFS with and you want to tap into them and you want to ask them, like, what do you want to do that's fun because Also fair to say that she can get lost, right? If enough people have crushed that, it's hard to even find her sometimes. You're like, I know that used to be in there, but like, what did she, what has she been wanted for? Society crushes it out of us. We don't, we are not taught to have fun. We are not taught to have fun anymore. Like we're, we're starting to, as a society say, no more of this shit. We want to have fun. But like, it's, that is when you were 18, what happens? Sorry, you're an adult. Fun time's over. You know what I mean? It's like, wait, what? And so, and it does, it gets smashed out of you slowly. And if you think about a, a child and saying like this child saying they wanted to be an astronaut, you would never look at that child and say, no, no, no, you can't do that. That's just going to be too audacious of a dream for you. You would never say that to your child. Yeah. So, why, why do we say that to ourselves when we're older? It's so interesting. So, yeah. I think that, and I've never had, I've never had this thought before, but I think that your and my inner child are very good friends. Cause when we get around each other, we do get like giggly and playful and fun. And like you have certain people that Bring that out in you. And I love chasing and finding those people, but like, me and Kristen had an experience in Huntington Beach, California in 2021, where there was these, like bio illuminescent waves from the algae in the water. We were like little frickin eight year olds, like, screaming, giddy. so excited. Yes. We still, we got like that was like, we saw the deer and stuff on the, so it's just playing Moana on the sand, wailing Moana in the middle of the night on the beach in Huntington with this old man doing the same thing who was like twice, three times. And her child was with us too. Yes. And that was like, at least I'm like lit up thinking about that. And that is like, those are the moments like. If you actually, if I think back to that whole weekend, we said like those fun, the fun moments are what we remember the rooftop at two o'clock in the morning for the last time. Those were our children not making good decisions because we had to be up early. We were like, fuck it. It's summer party time. We need to have these conferences. But it was the end. We were fine. And so it was just so it's our inner child is, is a lot of time neglected in the way of like looking at it as like, let's have fun and. So many of the times it's because we've put so much pressure on ourselves that everything we do has to provide something or give us something. I'm actually guilty of it. I'll, I started a hobby and I know this is so funny. This is the Libras in us. I heard Britt say it at one point too. Yeah. I started pouring candles at one point and it was fun and I was like, I'm gonna have a candle company, my new business. I was like, I was like, Or I can just pour candles when I have special events on one weekend. Beautiful. Yeah. Beautiful candle. Like for my, I was like, this doesn't really need to be my thing. Like, yes, it could have whatever, but it's like, I just am allowed to do that for fun. And you know, what's so funny. Someone just asked me if it is like my candle from the retreats almost out. I need a new candle. And I was like, Oh, they only get poured, like, every so often. Kristen gets to play. Yeah, baby Kristen gets to come out to play. And I think we logic ourself out of inner child, this one that we're talking about. And I think there's embarrassment sometimes around inner child. And so, like, you don't go there because that probably, I guess, ego bubbles up and you feel that fear. And so I am personally very drawn to the people that my inner child sparks up with. I've got my group of girlfriends that I've been friends with forever. The fab five, I'm actually meeting with them next weekend. We act like kids when we're together. And I, it's just so great to have those people that just make you feel really fucking good and there's not judgment and you don't have to feel embarrassed and you don't have to logically think yourself out of it. I don't know if I've ever heard you talk of the inner child that way before, but I really, really like that a lot. Well, so much of inner child comes up in the wounded space, you know. Yeah. And so I think she gets a lot of attention. But yeah, like, we're supposed to enjoy this life that we're living. And look at kids, they enjoy every little bit of everything. It doesn't even matter if it's disgusting or not. They're enjoying it all. They love it. And so we need to take a lesson from them. Yeah. And I think all four of those, it's really just awareness. Like, once you hear this, if this is the first time you've heard something like this, you're going to notice it next time it pops up. Like, oh, that's what that is. Or maybe as we're talking about it, you can think of times that make you feel any of those ways. And I think awareness is just the main thing. Another thing I've really learned from you and our journey together is a lot about, like, grounding. So let's, like, go into that because that's where my brain went after that. So tell us about grounding. Yes, grounding is so good. I just had, it's so funny because I teach people about grounding and then I have them send me these funny things on Instagram where people plug like the grounding meters in the ground and I'm like, I've seen them a million times and I love it. Yeah, like isn't this life changing? You're like, this is real and I'm like, yeah, no kidding. I don't just say it because it's something I like telling you. For nothing. Yeah. So I, I mean, I'm, I'm not a grounding expert. I'll start by saying that. And if you want to learn more about it, I think the earthing movie is a great way to start and like learn more about it. But grounding is our ability to like really bring ourselves into our body and connect and diffuse energy, essentially exchange energy with the earth. The earth is providing us a space to recharge. Literally, I actually just saw something the other day where in ancient cultures, they would take people to the. beach and they would bury them in sand to literally like pull things out of them and recharge their bodies and I was like think about how you feel when you go put your feet on the sand. Yeah and I mean that brings me back to my inner child because we used to do that and then you got sand in your bathing suit but like that you didn't care. Why are kids drawn to doing that? Kids are drawn to doing that because they, they want to be grounded. They need, they're so up here that they're like, I was a rock hoarder. Benny is my little soulmate with that. I know he has a rock bucket. And so I used to collect rocks too. And it's like that sense that I was always barefoot. Like, think about that. Like when you were children, you could not keep shoes on our feet. And when we are, when our feet are on the earth like that, when we actually take time to bring ourselves into our body and be present, Which are two different things, but still a one in the same. I feel like it really does begin to heal the body. We're exchanging ions with the earth. You're the earth is drawing imperatives out of you and literally charging you up with energy. Wild and you know, Mother Earth is our biggest best recycler. She knows exactly what to do with all that energy. So it's just it just gets shifted and it's and there's a reason you feel so good after spending the day in the park or spending the day outside or. funding the day at the beach. There's a reason for that. And when we, when I took energy trifecta the first time, Kristen, you know, had us all watch the earthing movie, did her lessons about that and really challenged all of us to go outside, take your shoes off your rubber sold shoes off that we wear all the time and put your feet in some grass and. It seems silly until you do it for a long time and you're like, wow, there is really, really something to this. Like, I feel so much more calm and content and in control and I'll talk about it, too, from an energetic space, Lisa. If you look at any plug, like a blow dryer, if you take a blow dryer plug, there's two prongs and there's a round prong that is a grounding prong and that prong is meant to keep that, that appliance, that blow dryer grounded so it doesn't touch to the ground, catch fire and light your hair on fire. So if we think about electricity, too much electricity needing to be grounded, we are full of like, Too much electricity. There's so much going on on the Earth's surface. Plus, our minds are always going, that's creating electricity in our body. So we need somewhere to diffuse that or else we feel fizzled out. We're going to catch fire just like the damn blow dryer if we don't do the grounding. Sometimes we do. Yeah. So doing something like grounding and Really making that a practice for even just a few minutes of the day, even if you did it five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night, it would change the way you feel and you would be able to diffuse some of that energy. And it's all, it's a preventative medicine versus feeling like you're about to explode. And then like, what do I do now? You know, so yeah. And then obviously that's in the grass and I have not gone the like grounding mat. I haven't done any of those things yet, but I know you do all that. So I guess fill everybody in that. Obviously, first and foremost, best is put your bare feet on the earth. That's the best case scenario. What are other options though? Yeah, because real talk like it's going to be cold. I live in California. I'm grateful and I can yeah. Typically put my feet on the earth all year long. However, I have been, because I've shifted out from behind the chair, I'm sitting at a desk more. And so I have a grounding mat underneath my desk and that plugs right into the grounding port in my outlet. And my feet are on that grounding mat the entire day. I will tell you, I have less headaches, less fatigue. My feet don't ache and feel weird from sitting all day. So like, I know it helps that way. I also sleep grounded. So I have a grounding sheet on my bed. Grounding helps with inflammation, dude. I'm like, if I could fricking, I'm like, if I can afford the grounding paint. And I'm like, I've been, I was talking to somebody about how do we get our houses grounded? So where we can just walk around barefoot in our houses, like talking to electricians, I'm like, how do we work this? You know? Yeah. I bet there are ways. And I bet some people could do it like concrete, like really nice concrete floors. I bet those. Would do that. I don't, yeah, it's like, because you can ground on concrete outside that's not sealed also. So like, and there's, there's little meters and testing things. So if you want to geek out on grounding, you can reach out and we can chat about it and point you in the direction of some like things where you can kind of test your, like, I know all my concrete on my backyard is not sealed anymore. So I can stand on that versus the. The earth if it's muddy or cold. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, it's cool. It's a really cool concept and, you know, it's, it's fun because it's very, it's very science y. So, like, even if you're, you know, kind of resistant to some of this, like, you need some proof. Energetic. Yeah, just, like, explore. My, my best friend's husband's getting all into it and he is not the woo person and I actually low key love it. Some people who aren't woo, that works for their brain because you can, like, look at the data behind it. They straight threw away their bed. They bought like a purple mattress that was like five grand or something. Threw that thing away because their backs were both killing them. They bought a Japanese sleeping mat. They're sleeping on the ground. They've never felt better in their backs. I was like, shut the hell up. So yeah, it's really powerful. And yeah, but just, just your bare feet. It's free. It's like walking around on... Outside on the earth will just charge up. So next time you're just sitting outside, this is going to pop into your brain. It happens to me all the time. And I'm like, why are my shoes on? Let me take my shoes off with my feet in the grass. And it really is just those tiny little actions every day really do add up. I want to go back to you said something about just putting your feet in the grass and really being in the present moment. Then you said, I know those two aren't the same. Let's talk a little bit about meditation. Let's talk about tapping into the present moment. Let's talk about white space. I feel like all three of those things kind of go together. So yeah. Yeah. The quiet white face. People are like, I don't want to be in the quiet. Why don't you want to be in the quiet? That's the question. And a lot of times that quiet space, we were just talking about ego and intuition and inner critic and when you turn everything off if you find yourself constantly. With music on, sleeping with the TV on, Podcasts, all the time, I have to be, have to be listening, have to be listening. I enjoy those things still, but I also really crave my quiet moments. A lot of my times I drive in my car now with no music. If I'm going on a long road trip. Game over. Podcast, audiobooks, all the ranging. Can I tell you this? Even on my drive back, I drove from Tennessee back home, and I am not a driver. I'm typically a flyer. Six hours is like my limit. This was a six and a half hour drive. I was getting like nauseous on the way home, and I was like trying podcasts. I was trying music. I was Marco Polo ing, and I was like, There's just, at one, I was sleep deprived. I just had, like, a massive two days. I just turned on the silence, turned off the radio, turned off everything, rolled the frickin windows down, and, like, instantly, my body was, like, like, that's what it needed. It was just, like, so much noise, so much input, and you can only have that for so long, and I really. Maybe I used to be this way, but I so cannot relate to the people, and I'm not judging anybody when I say this, but when people say, Oh, I cannot be alone with my thoughts. I'm like, you must be alone with your thoughts. Like, I just asked on my story the other day. I said, how does silence make you feel? And so many said lonely and uncomfortable still. And it was very, it was like two very common Common feelings. And, you know, a few said love it, want more, you know, enjoy. But like, very, very few of those much more uncomfortable and lonely. And what would you say to somebody who feels that way? Like, how do you start through that? Yeah. What's coming up? Let's face that. Let's unpack it. Yeah. And, and I, I will, it's going to keep coming up. It's never going to go away until you actually face it like dead ass on. The only way out is Through through. Yeah. Literally. And I feel like when we avoid white space, we avoid white space, we avoid white space. One, those things are always going to be on a constant loop way in the back of your head, even if you're cranking up the volume on everything else. But eventually getting with it, like eventually everything will line up so that you're forced to have that. You know, we know somebody who will admit that this was her situation that she Yeah. Could not have white space, avoided it, had lots of inner critic, lots of ego, lots of chatter in their brain, avoided, avoided, avoided, got injured, you know, and I see that happen to so many people that are just, and even going back to ego, that's striving, striving, striving, striving, like you can only do that for so long before the wheels fall off and you have to. You know, what's so funny is most of the time, cause it will, it will, it will start to, like you said, it'll eat it. It'll always be in the back of your mind. And that's chipping. It's like somebody is chipping away at your energy body. There's chipping, chipping, chipping, chipping, chipping. And pretty soon they're going to chip away so much, something's going to break. And it is. Very interesting to notice that people who are running, running, running, running, running. Usually, it's a foot, ankle, leg, or hip something because, and I'm like, I've had people who've said, Oh yeah, it was my Achilles and I'm like, Oh, that's like a sit your ass down. You know what I mean? That's like, it's that if you do not listen. It will not go away. It will continue to manifest into bigger things because our energy body, whether you want to think this is woo or not, there's actually a science behind this now. Our energy body governs our organs, our tissues, our muscles, all the things. It's, it's absolutely mind blowing. And I'm learning more and more about that. The more I dive into this because I'm learning so much more about the science and then it will start to break your body down. We all know people in our life where it's just like. One hard thing after another hard thing after another hard thing after another hard thing, and I try to be so careful to say this and not be insensitive, because also, horrible things happen to good people. I'm not saying people, like, I have to be, this is where I kind of struggle with woo sometimes, but from the outside looking in, it's very transparent watching other people who are constantly in that realm of negativity and waiting for the next shoe to fall and waiting for the next thing to happen, and. Weird how that keeps on happening. Well, it's, you know, when that stuff happens and happens and happens and happens and happens just like I mentioned earlier about how I got lost in who I was, in what all the other roles I was playing. A lot of times we don't know who we are without that stuff. Mm, that's our identity. That's all you know. And if, and if you don't have that, who even are you? Mm. And it's, it's, it becomes, I, I will say, like a low key addiction. Mm. It does, and it's, it's not, it's not to fault anyone. Yeah. It really isn't. It really isn't. Yeah, this shit is deep. It's generational. It is not. Absolutely. Nobody would choose to do this. No. Yeah. No, and, and, and the more, like I said, the more I learn about DNA and like what's past, Like we are within our mother and our grandmother and all at the same time, all of us within a human. So like you can pick up shit that happened to your grandmother energetically. Yeah. I know that sounds wild. Your eggs were here. During wars. Yeah. Like that's real. Yeah. So some people are born with this deep stuff. I also have seen people born with that deep stuff really dive into. Deep healing work doesn't make sense and break free of it. Yeah, you can, you can shift those loops. We know Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about it. There's so many powerful people break in these cycles energetically generationally. I'm watching myself do it. My own generation and my, my kids, my sons, like it's so, it's so wild. And so it can really it can be something that will swallow you up because, but it is in. How you respond to it. I, I spoke to a woman last night who she's like, she like just expressed how much she had gone through in the last couple of years. And it was so much loss, like a loss of a child, loss of all these things. And I was like, and she was like, but you know what? I'm, I do trust my intuition and I haven't been on one of these calls in months and something told me to get on it tonight. And I was like, Sister friend, you know what I mean? It's like how she shows up every single day. We are given an opportunity. Actually, this was rise and shine's focus this morning was to always do our best, always do our best. And sometimes our, that best is barely going to be getting your ass out of bed and put one front in front of the other. And the, the whole, the whole, like looking at it as a big picture, it's like, if you don't want this anymore, you can choose to shift it. And it starts with your awareness and your mind and it will take a lot. And unfortunately, you know, this is where it's hard because like insurance doesn't cover all this shit. You know what I mean? It's like, it's so much easier for people to. Ignore or take a pill or something. And I'm not, like I said, not throwing shade at that either, but it's like, it's really, it is a deep dive and I've, I've invested a lot of time and a lot of money in my own healing journey, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Well, it's interesting. The people that you know are into this, it's like, whoa, they're really into it. But then once you learn, it's like, that's the way to truly get through is to like dedicate your life to discovering that and chipping away at what you need to chip away at. Once you do that, something else will pop up and facing that and working through that. God, and just as somebody, just as somebody can get caught up in the, you know, like we're just talking about the cycles of like happening over and over again, get stuck in their stories. Like actually people on a healing journey, this is very common. Also we'll get stuck in there. Like, I mean, I've looked at people straight in the face and go, when are you going to let yourself be like actually healed? Not saying that we're ever done done right. Things come up all the time. Things surface for me. I learned another layer of a lesson, but it's not as. intense as it was the first time, it gets easier every time. And so, like, at some point, also, you have to shift your identity at some point. Yeah, you have to allow yourself to be free from this shit. I agree. I agree. And literally, people be like, well, when do I know it's ready? And it's like, when you decide. Like, they, like, yeah. I mean, and I couldn't deny it in myself anymore. It's like, you just know. And, and I, I think there was a few times where it probably showed where I did, like, Okay. You know, and it, it just, you know, you know, without a shadow of a doubt that you're ready to move forward on something. And sometimes it doesn't make sense. And that's where I would encourage you not to try to make sense of it. Like people have said to me, why do I feel like I'm supposed to go to your retreat? And I'm like, they're like, I don't even know what Reiki is. And I'm like teaching Reiki. And I'm like, I would encourage you to sit in that space a little bit more and a little bit of white space with yourself, meditation and ask. Why am I being called to do this? Like, what is it going to provide me with? And if it's just a feeling of, like you said, Expansiveness in the body and it lights you up in a way that you're kind of nervous, but also excited, like where is it in your body? Follow, follow, like, you know, what resistance feels like. And you know, what. Hell yes, feels like you know that and if you are sitting with something and have a really like Pivotal space where you can choose to like go deeper into this a walk away Strip some feelings away strip the old programming and ideas away and like sit with yourself and see you what feels good Meditation and white space. If it's something you avoid you know, a good way to kind of start, I feel like is even when you were talking about driving in the car, if silence is too much for you, that's where I would encourage someone to listen to sulfagio tones, which are. Like enter their meditation music. Yeah. Or you know, yeah, some sort of meditative like even a guided meditation, then you're not totally alone with your thoughts, you know, exactly like, Oh, yeah, freaks you out, then, you know, start with some tones that will help to soothe your body or, you know, a guided meditation, like Lisa said, or listening to something that's maybe going to expand your thought process a little more, just giving yourself time away From everything and allowing yourself to kind of decompress or journaling is a great form of meditation to Everybody's minds are like I just my mind feels so crazy and anxious and I'm like start I get it out You know and meditation is so different for everybody. We both know someone who was in soul tribe I won't share a name in case she doesn't want me to share but she shared a story about how every time she would go To sit down and meditate it would literally she'd close her eyes and it would feel like her body was spinning and like the longer she's out there with her eyes closed, the faster it would spin. And that's wild because I've never experienced anything like that. But I've now been along so many people's journeys. I've heard so many different things. I've heard things where it's like their, their vision almost goes in and out. I've heard so many different things about people's meditation experiences and what Kristen teaches. And I've learned a lot from is journaling would be a fun thing. form of meditation, moving meditation, walking, running in silence without chatting on the phone with your friend, without something, that's all meditation. You know, it's, it's whatever it is to you. I think eventually there is something to the practice of sitting in meditation because it is uncomfortable and that is the point of it. That's why it's called a practice. But if that is nearly impossible to you right now that you find yourself avoiding it altogether, Finding those other forms, moving, meditation, journaling, anything else that you would think to add to that exercise, even exercise are anything creative that you're like going inward and just creating for fun, drawing building with no in building Legos. Yeah, like a puzzle. Yeah, yeah. One of my girls Bought lego flowers, one of my coaching clients, and built herself a lego flower arrangement, and she's like, I don't think I was gonna like it, and I actually did, you know what, we need to make Ryan listen to this episode, because there was not that long ago that Benny and I, like, Benny was making this lego tower, and Benny left the dining room, and Maybe two and a half, two hours went by and I was still in the dining room making the Lego tower. And I was like, Lisa, what are you doing? Like the tower's done, come on out. But there's something to that. And I do, it's like those puzzles, those little, just like, your brain isn't trying to solve anything. Your brain isn't. learning anything new, just we need to let our energy move through our body in different ways. Yeah. Yeah. And you know sitting in a, so many people try meditation and they dive into like a 20 or 30 minute guided meditation. And they're like, I just can't sit still for that long. And I'm like, bro, you just went to fricking college before you even went through. Yeah. It's like trying to run a marathon and not training at all. Like start with just sitting for three minutes and breathing in and out slowly. Sit outside in your backyard and pay attention to every blade of grass and every leaf and every bird and every noise and every everything just to be present. Like you don't need to, that's another, I think, societal situation where it's like, we're like, okay, we're going to start meditating. You have to be the best fucking meditator that there is. It's like, listen, calm your shorts down. There's no way to be good or bad or anything like that. People who sit in day long meditations, those, you know, monks that I think about, things like that, that sit in months and weeks of silence. You think they just started that, like, one day? No, they started out... Slow. And also, like, how much are you studying those people? Because I just finished the Eat, Pray, Love audio, and, like, it was Elizabeth Gilbert talking about her trip to Indonesia and, like, staying in a, I forget what it's called, but basically where she would do, like, day long meditations, things like that. Listening to the audiobook of those actual really long meditations, she would talk about her leg being in intense pain and, like, having to get up and leave the room, like, For monks, for people who train their lives for that, it is not easy. That's why it's called practice. It's not like when people say, I can't meditate. That's literally not fucking true. You don't like it. You're not giving it a chance. Like nobody who can do it. Is it like, Easy breezy beautiful fun, but if you sit in it long enough or you keep coming back to it and you keep showing up Weirdly enough one day it just kind of the fog seems to fade You're like I kind of get what people are talking about. There's something to this Yeah, it's like people saying they can't exercise I'm like bullshit Yeah, you can find something that you can do like, I can't lose weight because I can't join the gym or I can't afford, I'm like, you can go your ass outside and walk. You know what I mean? And we can always find proof too. You can't, I'm sure if you look on Instagram right now, there's somebody with no legs, no arms that's exercising every day. Like anybody can. That checked me real quick. A few, my body is something I've been really, that's my, that's one of my weak links. I neglect it. Cause I'm like, I got too many other things to do. I'm very spiritual, very mindset. They've been really, really intentional about moving my body. And one day I got up in the morning to ride my bike and it was just a few weeks ago. And I was like, I don't want to do this. I don't want to do this. And I like, I'm riding along my ride and I see up ahead of me, this old man on like a trike. And he has a sign on the back of his bike that says something like. Jesus loves you or something. God loves you. And I was like, this is so cute. This guy's just like cruising along with a sign. And as I pass this guy, he's got one fucking leg missing. And I was like, he's twice my age with happily. Right. And I just smiled. And I said, I am grateful for the body and the fact that it can move. And it just slapped my ass back into perspective. You know, it's like we can do anything. Our minds are what trap us, our old program and our old loops. And I can remember one of those things that I, that I took on from my mother and shared with my children always was, can't means won't. Mm. It's like if you say you can't do something you, that you are not willing to do it. But it's true. Yeah. No, you can start anywhere and just starting small, like remembering you don't have to be the best at that. You don't look at somebody who's been doing it for 20 years and be like, Oh, I gotta do that person. Oh, just, yeah. Singing. Dancing, moving. Some of the best ways to meditate and people, when they start working with me, they're like, what that's meditation. Oh, actually meditate more than I thought. And then, like you said, there's a time where when that stuff becomes habit and you're doing it consistently, okay, now you can push yourself to maybe start a 10 minute practice where you're just doing breath work or just sitting in silence. And, and you'll know, you'll know when that time is for you to kind of graduate upwards. Yeah, as much as I could literally keep going. I think this is a perfect time to probably transition and outro. So speaking of meditation, part of my daily practice is Kristen's Rise and Shine 365. So you came up with this idea. When was it launched? I launched it. Actually, it launched during the SoulTribe retreat. So, like, June 1st, maybe? Yeah, because I did a, I did a free 7 day trial. And then, yeah, we launched June 1st. And I mean, props to you, Kristen, because you have been, that has been going every single day since June 1st. So, Kristen has a program that you can sign up for. We are going to be giving away, maybe one, maybe two, listen to the first episode. I'll have all the details. We are giving away some Rise and Shine memberships as well as some Energy Trifecta courses. But, Even if you didn't win the giveaway, everybody should sign up for this because every single morning I get a text on my phone from Kristen from a Rise and Shine number, not her number because I have both of those. Sometimes I go to text you and Rise and Shine pops up. I'm like, fuck, not that Kristen. And it's a 10 to 15 minute. Yeah, every once in a while, I go into a 20 minute, like, deeper, like, we had an eclipse portal last weekend, and I was like, it just called for a deeper meditation, yeah. Yep. Like, 10 to 15 minutes, yeah. It gets texted to your phone every morning, you don't have to pull up an app, you don't have to scroll through, you don't have to pick what you want to do today, it's one every single day. To be honest, sometimes I fall off the wagon and then I binge a few, and that's a good feeling too. That still feels nice. Sometimes I listen to them in the car with my kids. Sometimes I listen to them in my office, in my meditative state. It's different every time. Sometimes I listen to them while I'm walking in the morning, sometimes while I'm riding my bike. So I will have all the links to all that jazz in the show notes for anybody interested. And A lot of the trainings I keep referring back to that I've learned from Kristen is through Energy Trifecta. She offers a lot of other things too. Reiki, I've never gone, I haven't gone that route yet. I'm sure one day we'll get there, but that's not my part of my journey quite yet. So all that information will be in the show notes. Is there anything else you want me to mention, Kristen, or anything else you have going on? You know I typically do my programs with either one on one people or in, in a one on one container or with groups. Like I've done things with soul tribe and I love, love, love building with communities. So if you have a community and you're wanting some of this stuff in your communities, that is my sweet spot. I was a salon owner for so long and community is just something that is, I still am just so passionate about. And so that is definitely a passion of mine. But there's a lot of people who want to go through these programs who aren't in a community or a team that have, you know, salon suite owners and things like that. So I am doing a group round in January. I'm opening up a group round of energy trifecta in January and I'll do two rounds of that next year. So yeah, rise and shine is just such a fun, it's been a really fun thing to create. And one of my girlfriends said the other day, she's like, man, you are really doing the thing. You are creating these damn things every day. And I'm like, you know what it is. So wonderful to be able to just share a little bit of insight and whether you listen in the morning or at night or midday. It doesn't matter. And talk about the power of habit, though. I mean, that really, that could have been daunting for a long time, but you really, I mean, I get those every single morning. Yep. I went, I went. And it was something that came in so strong. That's one of those intuitive moments came in so strong and so clear. And everyone said, I don't know what to choose, or I don't know where to go. And I don't know where to start. And some people wanted to, and didn't like the person's voice. I mean, it was all these things, right? And so I was like, how can I make this easy? You know, what's funny, Lee's talking about habit just before we jump off. Like, yeah. We do I feel like give ourselves the, you know, the out, it's like, Oh, I haven't been doing it as much or whatever. And it's like, that's my time to like, switch it up and like, give myself permission to like color outside the lines a bit. Just like we talked about in meditation, it's like, listen, you don't have to listen to it first thing in the morning. Like a lot of times it's an awareness practice and I'm talking to you through a thought process. So like, even if that's your commitment. To give ourselves the challenge, I, I really want to challenge all of you to be consistent in your growth and, and allow the consistency to like ebb and flow. So every day showing up as your best, but like giving yourself permission to switch things up so that you can actually still keep expanding your practice. Like if it feels a little stale, switch it up, you know, and just explore, explore some variety or a different time of day because we change. We want different things. Yeah, and in the last four months, I mean, I've had so many different like I'll go through a little period where I do it a lot in the morning every single day and I'll go through periods where I binge and then I really like I said, I like going through it in my car as well and I think it's the perfect amount. As someone who is subscribed to every personal growth podcast that has ever existed, is constantly reading a book. It's the perfect amount. If I can't do anything else that day, at least that 15 minutes gave me a moment to center myself, gave me the message I needed. And if you missed three or four, maybe you didn't need those messages today. Don't overthink it. It's crazy. I hear it every time I need to without overthinking it and thinking that I've, oh, I failed this, this doesn't work for me now. It's just, it's the perfect dose of what you need in a very digestible Way to get it. So, obviously, we'll leave all that in the show notes, and I would highly, highly, highly recommend it. Kristen, I, like I said, I'm sure we are gonna have more conversations on this podcast. I'm gonna be cranking these out every week, so I am sure I will bring you back to have more conversations, but this was really good. I didn't have a good outline for this, like I just kind of said we're gonna wing it. And I feel like we did a really good job touching on everything, just scratching the surface on Lots of little things and that feels good. We sure did. We sure did. And I love a good framework, but not a hardcore concrete situation because that doesn't allow space for intuition to come in and guide us in the way that we need because I know everything that was said here needed to be said and needed to be heard. And so that is a beautiful thing. So yeah, and we'll be heard by those of you that were in your ear. Yeah, I truly believe that. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you, friend. I love you so much. Love you too.